The Maine Aviation Business Association was formed in 2013 to promote Maine airports as vital economic engines for the State and their host communities; foster the growth of aviation related businesses throughout the state of Maine; showcase Maine’s aviation assets to the global community; utilize the state’s airport system to create and enhance business opportunities on and off airports; and to educate the general public about the important role of aviation to Maine’s economy.

Maine Airports
  • Maine has 75 public use airports and seaplane bases. Each of these facilities has the potential to create jobs and spur economic growth, both on and off of the airports.
  • These airports offer considerable advantages to aviation businesses. Maine recently eliminated sales and use tax on aircraft sales and parts, reducing cost for aviation customers.
  • Many of Maine’s airports are former military airfields with significant infrastructure to support the needs of aviation businesses. Maine’s airports are strategically located along “great circle” routes to Europe.
  • Maine airports enjoy wide spread public support, with many airports hosting fly-ins, air shows and other special events.
  • There are over 68,000 registered general aviation aircraft located within 500 miles (805 km) of Maine airports, providing a significant customer base.
  • Maine airports have few encroachment issues and provide access to vast areas of unencumbered airspace, providing ideal locations for flight testing and pilot training.
  Business in Maine

Maine has numerous resources that are key factors to economic growth in the aviation sector, including:
  • Talented and dedicated workforce
  • State-of-the-art supply chain capabilities
  • World class composite cluster
  • Established and flexible educational system
  • Thriving and diverse tourism industry
MABA’s Role

Working collectively, MABA is prepared to address and respond to issues that impact Maine’s airports and aviation business. Our goal is to make Maine the location of choice for aviation businesses looking for locations to start up or expand their operations.
News and Announcements
  • Quarterly Membership Meeting - Don't forget to attend our quarterly membership meeting on 15 March 2017!